Idia B. Thurston, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Clinical (Child and Family)

Psychology Building, Room 310
Office Hours
Idia B. Thurston, Ph.D.


Fellowship, Boston Children's Hospital/Harvard Medical School
Ph.D., University of South Florida
M.A., University of South Florida
B.S., Florida State University

Research Interests

  • Health Disparities & Intersectionality of Multicultural Identities
  • Biopsychosocial-Cultural Risk and Protective factors
  • Stress, Stigma, & Weight Misperception in Youth with Overweight and Obesity
  • Co-occurring Adversities of HIV, Substance Use, and Violence in Mothers and Resilience in their Children
  • Community-Based Participatory Research & Intervention Dissemination in Marginalized Populations
  • Culturally-responsive Interventions for Adolescents & Young Adults (AYA)


Recent Publications

Thurston, I. B., Howell, K.H., *Kamody, R.C., *Maclin-Akinyemi, C., & *Mandell, J. (In Press). Resilience as a Moderator between Syndemics and Depression in Mothers Living with HIV. AIDS Care.

*Kamody, R. C., Thurston, I. B., Pluhar, E. I., Han, J. C., & Burton, E. T. (In Press). Implementing a condensed dialectical behavior therapy skills group for binge eating behaviors in adolescents. Eating and Weight Disorders - Studies on Anorexia, Bulimia and Obesity.

Mimiaga, M. J., Bogart, L. M., Thurston, I. B., Santostefano, C. M., Closson, E. F., Skeer, M. R., Biello, K. B., & Safren, S. A. (In Press). Positive STEPS: A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial of a Multicomponent, Technology-Enhanced, Customizable Antiretroviral Adherence Intervention for HIV-Infected Adolescents and Young Adults. AIDS Patient Care and STDs.

Burton, E. T., Smith, W. A., Thurston, I. B., Gray, E., Perry, V., Jogal, S., & Han, J. C. (In Press). Interdisciplinary Management of Pediatric Obesity: Lessons Learned in the Mid-South. Clinical Pediatrics.

Howell, K. H., Thurston, I. B., Schwartz, L. E., Jamison, L. E., & Hasselle, A. J. (In Press). Protective Factors Associated with Resilience in Women Exposed to Intimate Partner Violence. Psychology of Violence.

Thurston, I.B., & Howell, K.H. (2018). To Screen or Not to Screen: Overreliance on Risk without Protective Factors in Violence Research. Pediatrics, 141(4). doi: 10.1542/peds. 2018.xxxx

*Kamody, R. C., Thurston, I. B., *Decker, K. M., *Kaufman, C. C., Sonneville, K. R., & Richmond, T. K. (2018). Relating Shape/Weight Based Self-Esteem, Depression, and Anxiety with Weight and Perceived Physical Health among Young Adults. Body Image, 25, 168-176.

Thurston, I. B., *Hardin, R., *Kamody, R.C., Herbozo, S., & *Kaufman, C. (2018). The Moderating Role of Resilience on the Relationship Between Perceived Stress and Binge Eating Symptoms among Young Adult Women. Eating Behaviors, 29, 114-119.

Thurston, I. B., *Hardin, R., *Decker, K., *Arnold, T., Howell, K. H., and Phares, V. (2018). Black and White Parents' Willingness to Seek Help for Children's Internalizing and Externalizing Symptoms. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 74, 161–177.

Thurston, I. B., Sonneville, K. R., Milliren, C., *Kamody, R. C., Gooding, H. C., & Richmond, T. K. (2017). Cross-sectional and Prospective Examination of Weight Misperception and Depressive Symptoms among Adolescents with Overweight and Obesity. Prevention Science, 18, 152-163.