Tracy N. Hipp

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology

Psychology Building, Room 318
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Tracy N. Hipp


  • Fellowship, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Ph.D., Georgia State University
  • M.A., Georgia State University
  • B.S., Georgia State University
  • B.A., California State University, Los Angeles

Research Interests

  • Risk and protective factors for sexual violence victimization and perpetration
  • Resilience among sexual and gender minorities (LGBTQ+) as well as survivors of sexual violence
  • Community and policy-level influences on violence
  • Social justice and health equity for marginalized populations

Recent Publications

  • Espelage, D. L., Basile, K. C., Lemis, R. W., Hipp, T. N., & Davis, J. P. (2018). Longitudinal examination of the bullying-sexual violence pathway across early to late adolescence: Implicating homophobic name-calling. Journal of Youth and Adolescents, 47, 1880-1893.

  • Fuino, L., Ports, K. A., & Hipp, T. N. (2017). Unaccompanied children migrating from Central America: Public health implications for violence prevention and intervention. Current Trauma Reports, 3, 97-103.

  • Hipp, T. N., Bellis, A. L., Goodnight, B. L., Brennan, C. L., Swartout, K. M., & Cook, S. L. (2017). Justifying sexual assault: Anonymous perpetrators speak out online. Psychology of Violence, 7, 82-90.

  • Hipp, T. N. & Cook, S. L. (2017). Rape and sexual assault on campus, in diverse populations, and in the spotlight. In C. M. Renzetti, J. L. Edlesdon, and R. K. Bergen (Eds.), Sourcebook on Violence Against Women. Los Angeles: SAGE.

  • DeGue, S., Hipp, T. N., & Herbst, J. H. (2017). Community-level strategies to prevent sexual violence. In C. Calkins & E. Jeglic (Eds.), Sexual Violence: Evidence Based Policy and Prevention. Springer.

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  • Cook, S. L., Swartout, K. M., Goodnight, B. L., Hipp, T. N., & Bellis, A. L. (2015). Impact of violence research on participants over time: Helpful, harmful, or neither? Psychology of Violence, 5, 314-324.

  • Armistead, L., Cook, S., Skinner, D., Toefy, Y., Anthony, E., Zimmerman, L., Salama, C., Hipp, T., Goodnight, B., & Chow, L. (2014). Preliminary results from a family-based HIV prevention intervention for South African youth. Health Psychology, 33, 668-676.

  • Anthony, E. R., Hipp, T. N., Darnell, D., Armistead, L., Cook, S. L., & Skinner, D. (2014). Caregiver-youth communication about sex in South Africa: The role of maternal child sexual abuse history. Journal of Child Sexual Abuse, 23, 657-673.