Minor in Public Health

Public health is the science of protecting the health of people and the communities where they live, learn, work and play. The public health minor is designed to provide students with an understanding of the connections between public health and every aspect of life as well as the analytic approaches to understanding these connections.

The Public Health Minor is offered through the School of Public Health and is open to any University of Memphis undergraduate student who wishes to gain an understanding of the language, concepts and methods of addressing population-level health challenges.

Why Minor in Public Health?

Students who complement their major degree programs with a public health minor will gain an understanding of how to help society by improving health and preventing disease on a population level. The minor can be an asset to students in determining their interest in graduate studies as well as entering into public health or other health-related careers.

Students in the minor are well positioned for graduate work in specific disciplines such as public health, psychology, sociology, social work and health communication. The program also provides applied health content and adds value to academic degrees of students seeking admission to dental, nursing, medical, pharmacy, physical therapy and other professional schools.

Minor Curriculum and Requirements

Students learn quantitative methods and analytical frameworks for tackling challenging issues such as health care access, disease outbreaks, and environmental hazards. The Minor in Public Health fosters an interdisciplinary, collaborative perspective on individual and population health. As students develop specific public health competencies, undergraduate interdisciplinary experiences provide students better flexibility in working across disciplines as well as within their own major.

  • Students enrolled in the minor must complete a total of 18 credit hours. This includes:
    • 3 lower division hours
    • 9 hours from the Public Health upper division core
    • 6 hours of approved electives
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    • For detailed information about this minor, including policies, course names and descriptions, visit the Undergraduate Catalog.

Tuition and Fees

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