Faculty Dashboard: Overview

The Faculty Dashboard provides convenient access to your current term's courses so that you can view class rosters, create or edit the course syllabus, post office hours or email your classes:

Faculty Dashboard

These links are worthy of note:

  1. Pen icon (upper right-hand corner) - Click to edit (to an extent) the portlet's contents. Read Editing Your Dashboard.
  2. Course Title (US to 1877 in the example) - Click to view your Faculty Detail Schedule page for this course.
  3. Class icon (group of three people) - Click to visit the Summary Class List page for this course.
  4. Syllabus icon (sheet of paper) - Click to create or edit a course syllabus.
  5. Office Hours icon (clock) - Click to view the course's meeting times and to set office hours for that class.
  6. Email Class icon (envelope) - Click to email your class. Please note, however, that this method of emailing classes will not always work, especially for very large classes. Read Emailing Your Classes.
  7. More - This link sometimes appears at the bottom of the Dashboard. It means that not all of your classes could be displayed in the channel. Clicking on "More" takes you to a separate page that displays all of your classes.

Unfortunately, your Dashboard may occasionally fail to display your courses because you are teaching more courses than the portlet is able to display. Instead you will be given a link to your Active Assignments screen and will need to review your courses there.

Too many courses

Even if your Faculty Dashboard appears normal at first, you may receive "too many courses to display" message when you click on "More".

The problem is that the Dashboard can accommodate only a limited number of characters. If the software determines that the display will take too many characters, you will receive the above display. You can exceed the limit for different reasons:

  1. Your portlet may have been set to display too many terms' classes (ex.: Fall 2007 forward).
  2. You may teach numerous sections each term--for example, dissertation classes or labs.
  3. A combination of 1 & 2.

Your immediate solution is to click on the "Active Assignments" link. The Active Assignments screen will enable you to access the Faculty Detail and Class Summary screens for the courses you are teaching. However, you will not be able to email classes from this screen. Read Emailing Your Classes for alternatives to using the Faculty Dashboard's Email Class icon.

If you wish to experiment, you can use the pen icon to edit your portlet display to see if this helps. This will likely help if the problem is that you are trying to display too many terms. Read Editing Your Dashboard.