UofM Internal Funding Opportunities


2022 UTIA-UofM AgriTech Research Collaboration Opportunity

In alignment with the Governor's support of the University to pursue agritech research this call stimulates innovative, interdisciplinary, team-based agriculture research, that involves investigators from University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture (UTIA) and University of Memphis (UofM). The Award is designed to promote new lines of research in a wide range of disciplines and topics that intersect with the agricultural sector. The  awards provide seed money to give rise to future external funding. This is not intended as bridging funds or a mechanism to extend ongoing funded research.

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2021 West Cancer Foundation Call for Proposals

The University of Memphis (UofM) Division of Research & Innovation is pleased to introduce the West Cancer Foundation Initiative. Established in the fall of 2020, the West Cancer Foundation Initiative was created to cultivate research across the UofM campus in areas that advance cancer treatment, promote community health and wellness, and/or provide supportive patient care.

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UofM-Meharry Program to Enhance Collaborative and Interdisciplinary Research

The University of Memphis and Meharry Medical College are collaborating to advance research at both institutions. This program is designed to bring researchers from both institutions together to advance research with the specific aim of pursuing external funding. To see full details of this funding opportunity and details on finding a collaborator at the partner institution, click here. 

Communities of Research Scholars (CoRS)

Established in the fall of 2018, CoRS was created to cultivate interdisciplinary discourse and nurture the growth of research across the UofM. Each community is comprised of faculty representing multiple disciplines, perspectives and research approaches with a shared interest in exploring a common research theme. 

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Fine Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences Support Program

To encourage scholarship and growth of externally funded research in the areas of fine arts, humanities, and social sciences, the Division of Research and Innovation is relaunching the program piloted last year. We have incorporated feedback from faculty and made changes to the program. Due to the pandemic we have modified some programs from last year. All funding recipients will be required to propose an article for The Conversation, a service that creates visibility for your work among a national general readership audience, within one year of receipt of funding.

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Grantsmithing Services 

Regardless of your level of experience, everyone can benefit from a second set of eyes. This program, designed to support faculty submiting grants with a total budget of at least $250k, will provide key services including editing, reviewer comments, and help interpreting your proposal in the guidelines of the grant. Our team includes the support of an expert team of grant writers, former program officers, and others familiar with what it takes to win a federal grant. To use these services, please notify research development at least 60 days in advance of your deadline (Researchdev@memphis.edu). Please note that a complete narrative draft is required at least three weeks in advance of the deadline. 

Springer Nature Editing and Scientific Review

The Division of Research and Innovation provides discounts and funding for editing services and scientific review by Spring Nature and also by your peers at other institutions.

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Research and Innovation Gap or Bridge Funding

In an effort to accelerate research innovation at the University of Memphis, and in line with the University's goal of achieving and sustaining R1 status, the Division of Research and Innovation is creating this process for soliciting a request for soliciting a request for funding.  The program is meant to help with funding for research which is encouraged for resubmission by federal funding agencies or foundations, gap funding for researchers, or similar conditions.

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