Student Outreach & Support (SOS)

What Is SOS?

Student Outreach & Support (SOS) is a service of the Office of Student Accountability, Outreach & Support that helps students navigate the issues they may have at the UofM. Many students face difficult times during college. Unexpected life events, personal crisis, mental health struggles or academic difficulties are all examples of challenges that can interfere with college success.

SOS uses an interdisciplinary approach, which supports students by prioritizing academic and personal success. The primary goal of SOS is to help students succeed. SOS helps students:

  • Understand UofM policies and procedures
  • Problem-solve within the UofM and the community
  • Access referrals for personal matters and emergencies
  • Navigate the process for resolving academic concerns and complaints

SOS supports but does not replace the function of academic advisors or the University Counseling Center. SOS works collaboratively to provide accurate information and to direct students to the appropriate resource(s) to resolve their concerns.