Secondary Education Programs

The Secondary Education Degree Programs from the ICL Department> in the College of Education> prepare you to teach various subjects at the middle or high school level. We offer discipline specific teaching licensure for grades 6-12 and advanced degrees

BSEd Secondary Education Program (MATH):

The ICL Department offers an Integrative Studies, Secondary Math Concentration degree: The objectives for a B.S.Ed. in Integrative Studies/Secondary Math are: (a) to understand how learning occurs, how students construct knowledge and acquire skills, and knows how to provide learning opportunities that support their intellectual, social, and personal development; (b) preparing, through intensive clinical experiences, highly qualified math teachers grades 6-12.

In this program, you will:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the mathematics you will teach
  • Work collaboratively with mathematics and education faculty
  • Learn how to teach effectively in urban schools
  • Spend a full year “in residence” in a local school (observing, tutoring, and teaching)
  • Earn a teaching license upon successful completion of the program

MAT Secondary Education Program:

This course of study leads to initial certification in Secondary Education (6-12). The program prepares students to educate adolescents in a group setting. The program includes coursework in adolescent development, learning theory, and social foundations of education and teaching methods. Field hours are associated with this program.

Master of Science Program:

The Master of Science (M.S.) degree with an emphasis in secondary education is available to individuals who are already licensed and want to expand their work in their teaching areas. It is also available to individuals without licensure who desire to work in education-related settings but do not need teacher licensure. This degree is directed toward the development of competencies necessary for leadership and advancement in K-12 settings and fields related to education.  This degree is completed online.

Doctor of Education Program:

The Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) degree extends knowledge and skills from a Master's degree by preparing students to conduct reality-based research that focuses on secondary education. This degree can be completed online. The program coordinator can assist you with any preliminary questions you may have about a doctorate program.

“I chose the University of Memphis over the numerous online options because I desired the more personalized approach.  I wanted to learn under an advisor in a meaningful capacity which involved taking classes from, independent study, and research under an experienced professor with a scholarly record.”
-Jayson Evaniuck,
Ed.D Instruction and Curriculum Leadership
 Jayson Evaniuck