The School of Health Studies currently has two Centers, as indicated below.

The Center for Nutraceutical and Dietary Supplement Research is focused on the investigation of isolated ingredients and finished products that may be consumed by individuals for the purpose of improving aspects of physical health or performance. Various investigators spanning many disciplines work within the Center, all with an interest in nutrient science. The research in the Center is broad in focus and involves cell culture experiments, animal studies, and human clinical trials. For more information on the Center, please visit our website.

The Sport Performance and Health Consulting Center (SPAHCC) is focused on the testing of athletes and other individuals interested in learning of their physical performance capabilities and related variables (e.g., metabolic rate, body composition, bone density). Current members of the Center include a PhD level sport biomechanist, a PhD level exercise physiologist, a sport psychology consultant and professional runner, and a systems biologist.  A wide variety of athletes use the Center for routine performance-based testing. Moreover, individuals who are not athletic but are interested in aspects of physical health such as resting metabolic rate, body composition, and bone density are routinely tested in the Center. For more information on the Center, please visit our website.