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Erik L. Carlton, DrPH, MS

Assistant Professor, Division of Health Systems Management and Policy

128 Robison Hall
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About Erik Carlton

Erik L. Carlton, DrPH, MS is an Assistant Professor of Health Systems Management and Policy at The University of Memphis School of Public Health. In addition to his appointment at the University of Memphis, Dr. Carlton holds adjunct faculty appointments in Preventive Medicine and Advanced Practice and Doctoral Studies and is an affiliate faculty member with the Center for Health Systems Improvement at the University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center. His current research focuses on healthcare and public health leadership, the integration of public health and primary care systems, and integrating behavioral health into healthcare and public health systems. He teaches the healthcare management leadership, population health management, healthcare quality and outcomes, and health policy and the organization of health systems courses for the School of Public Health. Having lived in both France and China, Dr. Carlton has a strong presence in international healthcare leadership development. He has trained clinical and administrative leaders from 28 countries.

Dr. Carlton has nearly two decades of managerial and leadership experience in both private and public sector organizations. He is the founder and principal of Elevation Consulting Group, a healthcare and public health consulting firm focused on leadership development, team building, and delivery innovation strategies and has served a consultant to numerous hospital systems, local health departments, and other healthcare organizations. Among his current and past clients are St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Baptist Memorial Healthcare, and LifeLinc Corporation. He is on the board of the Midsouth Health Care Executives and is past treasurer of the Health Administration section of the American Public Health Association, as well as the former chair of the Public Health Academics section of the Tennessee Public Health Association. A behavioral health clinician licensed to practice in marriage and family therapy, he previously operated a private therapy practice and continues to consult with healthcare and public health organizations related to behavioral health integration and strategies. Dr. Carlton has published and presented his scholarly work nationally and internationally, and is the author of three books – Leadership for Public Health: Theory and Practice; Leading People, Managing Organizations – Contemporary Public Health Leadership; and Defining Factors of Successful University-Based Community Initiatives. He holds a Doctor of Public Health degree in Health Services Management and a Master of Science degree in Family Studies with an emphasis in Marriage & Family Therapy, both from the University of Kentucky.


  • DrPH, Health Services Management, University of Kentucky
  • MS, Family Studies, University of Kentucky
  • BA, Human Development, California State University- Hayward

Research Interests

  • Integrating healthcare and public health systems
  • Healthcare and public health leadership
  • Global healthcare leadership development
  • Qualitative and mixed methods in health services research

Teaching Interests

  • Leadership & Organizational Behavior in Healthcare
  • Population Health Management
  • Healthcare Quality and Outcomes Management
  • Health Policy & Health Systems Organization

Selected Publications

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