Day One

Day One Team TrekThe Day One program, offering a total of two (2) credit hours over two semesters, is designed to provide first year and part-time MHA students with the professional leadership and career development competencies required to succeed throughout their career. Day One combines both team-based training and experiences to help students refine their career vision. The Day One program's primary goal is to equip students with the professional knowledge and tools required to achieve their long-term vision of career success. Providing opportunities for structured self-reflection and examination of one's leadership potential, Day One promotes attainment of personal and professional leadership skills that enable MHA graduates to be effective on "Day One" of their chosen career path.

The MHA Day One experience takes the student on a two semester journey of discovery. Preceding the actual start of first semester classes for the on-campus MHA students, the journey begins with the three day cohort-based Team Trek retreat where critical self-assessment starts and culminates at the end of eight monthly sessions with the skills required for a successful job search and life-long networking techniques.  At the Team Trek and workshop sessions, the students have the opportunity to interact with industry leaders and subject matter experts while engaging in experiential learning exercises. A team of both Masters of Health Administration faculty and experienced business professionals helps students understand the importance of professional etiquette, communication skills, the value of emotional intelligence, how to best craft a resume and cover letters, execute a job search strategy and finally, prepare for interviews.