The University of Memphis MHA provides a comprehensive, competency-based education to prepare future leaders in Health Administration. Our 19 competencies are focused on preparing future leaders in the domains of Leadership, Communication, Critical Thinking, Science/Analysis, and Management.


  • Articulate, model, and reward professional values and ethics
  • Understand and model stewardship of organizational resources
  • Know, support, and use team development methods
  • Use system and strategic thinking models and methods to make decisions and solve problems
  • Understand and apply models and methods of organizational change and innovation


  • Write clearly and effectively
  • Speak clearly and effectively before individuals and groups, in formal and informal settings
  • Display effective listening and communication skills
  • Listen, hear, and respond effectively to the ideas and thoughts of others
  • Develop, organize, synthesize, and articulate ideas and information

Critical Thinking

  • Learn from mistakes
  • Ask the right questions when making decisions


  • Understand the structure and conduct of quantitative and analytical methods, including economic and financial evaluation, linear regression analysis, and forecasting methods
  • Monitor data and identify deviations for both internal processes and procedures and for external trends
  • Evaluate testable hypotheses commonly arising in a management setting, selecting and applying appropriate quantitative methods
  • Examine qualitative and quantitative data to determine patterns and trends


  • Work effectively with other professionals
  • Understand, demonstrate, and reward cultural sensitivity and competence
  • Understand and apply basic concepts and tools that are integral to strategic thinking, planning, and management