Parking Citation Appeals

  • If you believe that you were wrongly issued a parking citation, please fill out the online appeal form at is the only place you may appeal a citation.  The login requires the same username and password that you use to access your University of Memphis email account (uuid/password).

  • To fill out the appeal form you must have the citation number as well as the vehicle's license plate number, this information should be printed on the citation.

  • Plead your case in the appeal. If you would like to appear in person, please state your desire to do so within the appeal. However, in person appeals are not available during the summer months.

  • The appeals are automatically forwarded to the Student Government Court which meets and reviews the appeals on a weekly basis.  The dates and times the Court meets will be announced in the Dailey Helmsman at the beginning of each fall and spring semester or you can contact the Office of Judicial and Ethical Programs at 901.678.2298.

  • Please remember, you only have 15 working days to appeal a citation. After 15 days, you will no longer have access to appeal that particular citation. For any questions regarding parking or your appeal, please contact Parking Services, which is located at 120 Zach Curlin in the parking garage or call at 901.678.2212.