Vision of Student Development

Universities exist for the education of their students and for contribution of knowledge to society. To this end, "student development" exists to facilitate students' ability to gain all that they can from their academic endeavors. Student development also exists to contribute to knowledge about students' growth and development. Implied within these two reasons for existence is an applied/supportive mission and a research/scholarship mission.

We want it to be immediately apparent that the campus is committed to the holistic development of its students. Tolerance of diverse views and equal opportunity for all must be evident. The university's values are probably most significantly reflected in the attitudes students hold toward the university, and their subsequent behavior. The Student Development area will continue to serve as a consultant to classroom faculty and staff to help further the growth of the "Student First" concept.

There are numerous goals for the Student Development area, many of which are reflected in the individual departmental statements. The number one overriding goal for all departments is greater cooperation and collaboration between the departments. The second overarching goal is the development and dissemination of scholarship regarding student development in order to serve the public interest in general, and that of University of Memphis students' in particular.

In addition to departmental goals, Student Development Department will seek to increase communication with students, faculty, and other staff/administrators. We anticipate voicing the Student Development perspective, sharing research and scholarship, and providing a forum for others who contribute to the holistic development of students. Further, to facilitate staff excellence in all endeavors, staff will engage in student development research and present at local, state, regional, and national meetings.