Dine & Discuss

Dine & Discuss is a program intended to remove barriers between University faculty and undergraduate students by providing an opportunity for them to interact outside of the classroom over a meal. Dine & Discuss is only available for use at Tiger Restaurant in the University Center and provided for up to three currently enrolled students per meal. Tiger Restaurant is open Monday-Thursday from 10:30 a.m.-11:00 p.m; Friday from 10:30 a.m.-7:00 p.m and closed on the weekends. 

We believe in the value of this experience enough that we will even cover the cost of both the faculty member and student's meals.

Setting up your experience:

Step 1: Invite your faculty member. Ask them in-person, call their office, or email them. 

Step 2: Come by the Student Leadership & Involvement Office (UC 211) to get the dining card to pay for the meals. We will need about 15 minutes to help prepare you for your meal with your faculty member. You will also leave your Student ID card with our front desk, and it will be returned once you complete your meal and return the dining card. 

Step 3: Following the meal, you will return the dining card along with the receipt from the meal to Student Leadership & Involvement (UC 211) and will be given back your student ID.

Need some help deciding what to talk about over your meal? 

Ask your faculty member about:

  • Class material 
  • Undergraduate research opportunities 
  • Their academic career
  • Why they came to UofM
  • What they enjoy teaching 
  • Advice for career or personal goals 


For more information on these programs stop by UC 211 or email studentinvolvement@memphis.edu!