Leadership & Civic Responsibility SLPC - Leadership & Civic Responsibility

Employers are looking for leaders. The University of Memphis is dedicated into making you into the leader you are meant to be. Everyone has the ability to create positive social change because anyone can be a leader. You will learn what skills are necessary to be competent in emotional intelligence, responsibility delegation, motivation, and much more. The Memphis community will serve as your practice ground as you develop these skills. With Memphis's rich history, you will also learn about your social responsibility as a citizen, civic engagement, social justice, and diversity and inclusion. Memphis is a melting pot of people and ideas and if you do not already, you will learn to value that and place that appreciation into your leadership style.

Students will be able to:

  1. Use emotional intelligence to guide and motivate others.
  2. Value having exposure to people with different social identities.
  3. Understand that there is an inequitable distribution of social power within society.
  4. Believe that serving one's community is essential to create social change

Examples of opportunities to enhance this competency at the University of Memphis:

  • Volunteer on one at a Service on Saturday event or by using Volunteer Odyssey.
  • Climb the ranks of an organization you are a part of and be a part of its executive board.
  • Fundraise money for a local philanthropy.
  • Attend a women's leadership program that engages leadership development and networking.
  • Participate in an alternative break service trip.