Learning & Reasoning SLPC - Learning & Reasoning

Leaders are often put in situations where they need to make difficult decisions. In those scenarios, it is important to exercise sound reasoning to analyze the problem, make a decision, and overcome the problems. Leaders appreciate diverse opinions, interpret the knowledge and facts, and then demonstrate creativity in problem solving. After the experience, it is essential to reflect on what occurred to better understand what took place, the decisions that were made, the impact of those decisions, and how to improve for the future. Learning from failure, and the successes of the past, is how leaders can be their best selves moving forward.

Students will be able to:

  1. Understand how to research and analyze information effectively.
  2. Value considering other's perspectives.
  3. Identify and examine problems then propose appropriate solutions.
  4. Generate new ideas that challenge the status quo.

Examples of opportunities to enhance this competency at the University of Memphis:

  • Enroll in ACAD 1100 to learn about how to navigate your first semester as a freshman.
  • Attend a lecture or speaker about a topic of interest.
  • Conduct research with faculty in your major area.
  • Attend Discover your Major Day to learn about the different areas of study on campus.
  • Participate in events during one of our many themed months such as Black History Month, Women's History Month, and more.
  • Evaluate job descriptions for your dream job.
  • Identify skills they need to develop. 
  • Conduct an informational interview with a company representative of interest.