Background Checks

Policy and Procedure 

All students needing to obtain field experience hours for courses are required to have a TBI Background Check cleared and on file in the College of Education's Office of Teacher Education and Student Support Services. For questions, please contact the Office of Teacher Education and Clinical Practice

Step One: Submit the VECHS Waiver and Privacy Statements

Per the memo, Volunteer and Employee Criminal History (VECHS) Agreements, from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, in order for your TBI Criminal History Report to be released to our office, you must read, complete and sign the VECHS Waiver Agreement and Statement.

Effective Spring 2018: You must also read and sign the Noncriminal Justice Applicant's Privacy Rights and the Office of Teacher Education and Student Support Service's Background Check Procedure and Privacy Statement. These documents only need to be submitted once. Please view the following steps on how to submit these forms. 

  • Complete the VECHS Waiver> in our Electronic Signing System. (No UUID? Use VECHS Anonymous Link)
  • Download the form and save it before filling it out to make sure it is completed correctly.
  • For teacher candidates, the form will be uploaded as a part of your residency or clinical teaching application.

The waiver will be forwarded to TBI.  

Step Two: Registration 

  • Use this link to set up your appointment through IdentoGO.
  • Select "schedule a new appointment" to begin the scheduling process.
  • Enter the ORI Number: TNCC79121
  • A message will appear, asking if you want to be fingerprinted for The University of Memphis and you will select "Yes." If you enter the ORI Number incorrectly, you will receive the following message: "invalid ORI entered." 
  • An Acknowledgment/Release statement will appear. Select agree to proceed with the process. 
  • You will then enter your zip code, select a site for fingerprinting, and complete the application. 

Step Three: Fingerprinting and Payment (The TBI background check fee is $35.15)

  • Bring a valid driver's license or state issued ID card and your preferred method of payment to the site where you scheduled your appointment.
  • Upon completion, your results will be sent directly to the University of Memphis.

The only approved background check vendor is IdentoGO. Location and operation times are subject to change. We do not accept background checks from outside entities. Effective Fall '08: Tennessee Legislature passed a law (TCA 49-5-5610) mandating all candidates that are assigned to field placements to submit a background check via the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

Regardless if you have obtained a cleared TBI background check in the past, if you are not enrolled consecutively for the fall and spring semesters at the University of Memphis, you may be required to obtain a subsequent background check. Contact the Office of School Based Clinical Practice to check the status of your background check at 901-678-4731.

For issues during the registration process go to IdentoGO or contact customer service at 844-321-2124. For any inquiries regarding background checks, please call TBI at 615-744-4095.


Candidates currently employed by a public school district or a non-public school that is approved by the State of Tennessee (Non-Public School Approval List >) may provide background check verification by providing a copy of their public school ID and most recent pay stub. Further proof may be required. Non-teaching employees must obtain a TBI background check by the aforementioned process.