Field Experience

The Office of Teacher Education & Clinical Practice facilitates well-planned, quality experiences for College of Education, Music Education Division (of the Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music), Art Education, Physical Education Teacher Education and English as a Second Language teacher candidates. The staff is responsible for coordinating all field experiences, Clinical Teaching Semester placements, Ready2Teach yearlong Residencies and other related Teacher Education events.

Sophomore Observation and Pre-Residency

Field experiences allow teacher candidates to enter a school setting for classroom observation and initial interactions with students as they practice novice instructional skills. Field experiences begin early in the candidate's curriculum prior to his or her Clinical Teaching Semester or Residency Year.


The yearlong Residency is the culminating experience for undergraduate teacher candidates as they apply their learning with the guidance of a MT. MTs are selected in full collaboration with partner schools and have demonstrated excellence by scoring at least a 4 or 5 on their own teacher evaluations.

Clinical Teaching

The Clinical Teaching Semester is the culminating experience for graduate teacher candidates as they apply their learning with the guidance of a Mentor Teacher (MTs). The Clinical Teaching semester is a hands-on, participatory experience that brings theory to practice.