Applying for "In Lieu of Clinical Teaching"

 If you hold a Job Embedded Practitioner (JEP) License, the University of Memphis' College of Education offers the "In Lieu of Clinical Teaching" option for you.  Individuals seeking the "In Lieu of Clinical Teaching" option should submit the following with your Master Candidacy Form to Mary Lanier in Rm. 202-Ball Hall Education building.

  1. A completed In Lieu of Clinical Teaching Application.
  2. A copy of your composite state approved teacher evaluation (e.g. TEAM, TEM with a composite score of 3.0 or higher) from the current school year. Note: For private school applicants without a standardized teacher evaluation form such as TEM/TEAM, the candidate must submit a recent 3-5 day unit plan including lesson plans, assessments, summary of the assessments and student artifacts.