Job Embedded Practitioner (JEP) Teaching License

The Job Embedded Practitioner (JEP) Teaching License is issued to candidates who have obtained a job in a school prior to completing a Residency or Clinical Teaching Semester. The University of Memphis is authorized to collaborate with public, private and charter schools in the State of Tennessee in order to issue Job Embedded Practitioner Licenses. The process begins in the school's or district's Human Resources Office. The district must submit an intent to hire form for candidates. In order for the University of Memphis to recommend a candidate for a Practitioner License, the candidate must meet the following criteria:

Please refer to https://tdoe.tncompass.org/> to verify your JEP license expiration date. After your license expires, you are responsible for applying to obtain your Professional Practitioner License through TN Compass https://tdoe.tncompass.org/>. If you do not meet the qualifications for a Professional License, you will have to renew your license to the Practitioner Licensure Issuance II.