PRAXIS Exams Information

The following information is for candidates that need to take either the Core Academic Skills for Educators (Core) Tests or any of the Praxis II Series exams. The ETS Tennessee Praxis Homepage offers a list of required exams, a store for purchasing test prep, a calendar of test dates & times, online registration for your exams and more. Candidates registering for Praxis exams must enter the following codes when indicating where scores will be sent:

    University of Memphis:  1459                                                                 Department of Education of Tennessee:  8190

Also, it is important for candidates to enter their social security number on the registration form and the examination form. If candidates fail to do so, their scores will not be identifiable by the College of Education or the State Department of Education for licensure purposes. ETS charges a fee to reissue scores with Social Security Numbers.

Study Resources

Praxis Core

For Praxis Core study resources, test-taking tips, and videos, click here!

Praxis LibGuide

The Praxis LibGuide is geared specifically toward test-taking resources for the College of Education. Discover research tips, books & ebooks, information and resources for the PRAXIS exam and more here>.

Spring 2021 Resources

We are offering a variety of Praxis supports this semester, Spring 2021. Complete this survey> to choose the supports that interest you.

  • Praxis Bootcamp - Whole Group (February 5, 26, and March 9)
  • Praxis Drop-ins (By Appointment, Individual and Small groups, content-specific)
  • 1:1 Praxis Conversation about goal development, resources and test results.  
  • Mock Tests - Practice tests
  • Volunteer - If you have passed the exam and you want to provide live or on-demand support to your peers, please complete the survey. Your support is critical!

Important Link

For additional information on the required exams for Tennessee licensure, please visit www.ets.org