University Calendar

The calendar is subject to change at any time prior to or during an academic term due to emergencies or causes beyond the reasonable control of the institution, including severe weather, loss of utility services, or orders by federal or state agencies. (TBR 2:04:00:01).


The University of Memphis Academic Calendar

Study Week Definition: The four day period preceding final examinations. No student social or athletic functions shall be scheduled during Study Week.

Study Day Definition: The day prior to final examinations during most regular semesters. No academic activities shall be scheduled on Study Day. No study or review sessions which the student may feel obligated to attend may be scheduled.

Final Examination Period : No examination shall be given at a time other than the scheduled time except with written permission from the department chair and the college dean. No social or athletic functions shall be scheduled during the final Examination Period.

Intercollegiate athletics are excepted from the above policies.