Summer Institute 2020

During Summer 2020, UofM Global and the ITS Center for Teaching and Learning partnered to offer the Faculty Development and Teaching Summer Institute. The Institute provided faculty with resources to introduce or enhance their understanding of key pedagogical principles and concepts related to successful online course design, development and delivery. These resources were provided through virtual webinars and an asynchronous course in eCourseware.

Below are the details for the two tracks of the Summer Institute (Foundations and Mastery), click the track name to expand the menu for more information. The recording for each webinar is included above the description for the webinar

Faculty Development and Teaching Summer Institute:

The Foundations track provided faculty with pedagogical resources and introductory level best practices centered on the design, development and delivery of quality online courses. This track was recommended for faculty who were new to online teaching and course development (1 year or less experience). 

The Foundations track covered the following course design and teaching principles:


  • writing measurable learning objectives 
  • creating modular syllabi 
  • developing collaborative communication techniques 
  • facilitating virtual instructor presence
  • designing at least three modules of instructional content and 
  • providing accessible course materials that support student mastery of learning outcomes.

Virtual Webinars:

Welcome to the Summer Institute: Foundations Track

Welcome Webinar Recording

This webinar outlines the Foundations track webinars and explains how they align with the asynchronous course associated with the Summer Institute. During this webinar, the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) team explains how they strive to promote effective teaching through a commitment to best practices in using instructional technology tools that maximize learning for the University community. The UM3D instructional design and media team discusses how they assist faculty with creating quality courses for the University of Memphis.

Repurposing Course Content for Use in Online Learning Environments

Course Mapping Webinar Recording

Have you been teaching the same course for years but now want to take it online? This webinar provides best practices, techniques, and tools for designing an online course to ensure course alignment, clear and measurable objectives, and consistent content organization.


Using eCourseware Tools to Maximize Student Engagement and Free Up Instructional Time

Using eCourseware Tools webinar recording

Are you looking for strategies to involve students more fully in online activities? This webinar addresses ways in which faculty can use basic eCourseware tools to incorporate best practices that encourage active engagement with course content and promote participation among learners.

Reaching All Learners: Developing Accessible Course Materials

Reaching All Learners webinar recording

Knowing how to develop accessible content, media, assessments, and learning experiences is critical to student success. This webinar provides best practices for how to develop your course so it is accessible to all learners. Strategies for how to address individual student's needs, foster a sense of community, and incorporate universal design principles that provide all students an equal opportunity to succeed are discussed.

Online Assessments 101: Creating Assessments That Work for Everyone

Online Assessments 101 webinar recording 

Whether you teach face-to-face or online, your students bring a unique set of individual characteristics, backgrounds, and challenges to the classroom. These individual qualities define how your students perceive and engage in learning experiences. So what does it mean to "assess learning" in an environment where learner variability is the norm? This webinar provides an overview of online assessment basics and a discussion on how to assess fairly and equitably with UDL (Universal Design for Learning) in mind.

Best Practices for Virtual Meetings and Assignments

Summer Institute: Best Practices for Virtual Meetings

Learn how to use Virtual Classroom to meet with your students synchronously in your online course. This webinar provides best practices on how to seamlessly connect face-to-face with students for instruction, assessment, and feedback. The webinar showcases how video sessions can be automatically recorded and seamlessly embedded directly into a course alongside other learning materials.

Habits of Highly Effective Online Faculty

Watch Habits of Highly Effective Online Faculty virtual panel recording

Do you want to know some of the secrets to being an effective online instructor? In this webinar, UM3D and college/department Faculty Fellows share strategies to help faculty be the best online course facilitators they can be and learn what great faculty members do to engage their online students and ensure successful learning outcomes.