CCTP Graduating Class 2019
CCTP Graduating Class 2019

 The 2nd Annual LIFE Ball for All was a huge success!
Great crowd and all had a "ball"!

Life Ball 2019
Life Ball 2019


NCRE 2019

        NCRE 2019

American Board of Vocational Experts
National Rehabilitation Counseling Association and National Council on Rehabilitation Education
Committee on Rehabilitation Accreditation

Sandbox    Sandbox

 the sandbox. : A learner-centered, collaborative community space in McWherter Library.


NCRE 2018, Washington, DC


TPSID Meeting

TPSID Meeting - Albuquerque July 2018




2018 Conference and LIFE Ball

NCRE 2018 Conference


 NCRE 2018NCRE 2018

  State of the Art Conference for Inclusive Higher Education

State of the Art Conference

UofM and Central Arkansas

Arkansas Interdisciplinary Postsecondary Education Summit on Intellectual Disabilities
November 2-3, 2017
Arkansas Summit

APA Poster Session
APA Poster Session


TPSID PI Directors Meeting

TPSID Director MeetingTPSID Director Meeting

  SEPSEA Conference - June 2017 - Nashville






UMID's Ireland Trip in May 2017 - click to learn about the trip and view all the photos


Rehab Counseling CoalitionRehabilitation Counseling Coalition National Meeting in San Diego

 TI Presentation
TI Presentation

HBCU Summit

HBCU Summit in Huntsville, AL

HBCu Summit

HBCU Summit Flyer

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 VRCC coordinating council

VRCC Coordinating Council in San Diego

 NCRE Meeting
NCRE Meeting in DC

 Accentuate the Positive

Redefining Education, Practice & Research

An event Sponsored by the Rehabilitation Counseling Coalition
Hosted at the University of Memphis
September 16-18, 2016

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APA Meeting, August 2016

TPSID Meeting
Maurice Williams & Chrisann Schiro-Geist at TPSID Meeting 

 Research Group
TPSID Research Group