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Service Description: 

BlueJeans is a cloud-based video conference service. It allows users to conduct live, multi-person conferences from any video-enabled device with internet access. BlueJeans uses a webcam, microphone, and web browser. With just these tools, you can meet, share, and collaborate virtually from your desktop or mobile device. This allows classes or groups to meet synchronously online, with up to 25 participants. For more information see Getting Started at the UofM Self-Guide for BlueJeans.

Who may request (or are eligible) for this service? 

HIPPA compliance offices have priority for these licenses.

How to Request Service?

For answers to frequently asked questions about BlueJeans, search the AskTom articles
For troubleshooting and support, please submit a service request.

What Information is Needed to Fulfill Service Request?  

For service requests, please include your Affiliation, Group Name (ex: Alumni, Marketing, College), and a description of your request or please contact umtech@memphis.edu.