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Emerging Technologies - How do I get consults and training on Emerging Technologies in Teaching?


Service Description

The University has a continuous commitment to foster student success via pathways of emerging technologies to drive professional and customer-focused services. UM3D strives to promote effective teaching through a commitment to best practices in instructional design and technology. UM3D’s goal is to maximize learning for the University community.

Who may request (or are eligible) for this service?

Available to active Faculty members.

How to Request Service?

To request a consult or training on University technologies,  please submit an online service request. Also, training opportunities are available on our UM3D training page

What Information is Needed to Fulfill the Service Request?

On the service ticket, identify the preferred method of service (virtual, face-to-face, etc.), date & time, contact number, and any other notes that will help expedite your request. If necessary, you may also use the option to upload attachments and notes.