DocuSign is UofM’'s electronic signature solution. DocuSign provides a simple way for users to take paper-based forms and build a sophisticated, interactive electronic forms. Docusign is a cloud-based application that allows users to send and sign securely. It also allows to input other data into a document with automated document workflow. All faculty, staff and students have the ability to sign documents, but in order to create documents to be signed you must submit a service desk request to be granted permission needed to become a Designer using this form.

  • Electronic Signatures – Request electronic signatures from one person, multiple people, or whole departments!
  • Single Sign On - Users who have requested access to DocuSign will be able to create DocuSign documents. Other users will be sent to the DocuSign's website directly using Single Sign On and will only have the ability to sign. To request access for the creation of Docusign Documents, please submit an online service request.
  • User Portal – Users can view pending forms or see a history of previously signed forms.
  • Data/Image Exchange - Download form images from DocuSign to our document retention system! Dynamic Forms keeps documents seven years before purging. Note: The form must be essential for document retention purposes to be downloaded into the document retention system.

If you have specific questions, contact umTech via the Service Desk at 901.678.8888 or please submit an online service request.

DocuSign - How to Sign

Sign into DocuSign (When signing into DocuSign use your original UUID and not a preferred email address.)
Creating a Signature
Signing a DocuSign Document

How to Sign (Full Documentation)

DocuSign for Designers - Designers Must Request Access Using This Form.

Sign into DocuSign (When signing into DocuSign use your original UUID and not a preferred email address.)
DocuSign Homepage
Editing Personal Information in DocuSign
Creating a Signature in DocuSign
Signing a DocuSign Document
Manage Tab
Adding Recipients
Setting Signatures for Your Envelope/Document
Quick Views
Templates Tab
Reports Tab

DocuSign for Designers (Full Documentation)

DocuSign Video Tutorials

Signing a Document
Creating and Sending Documents for Digital Signing
Declining or Assigning a Document to Someone Else