umDrive Decommission

The umDrive service has been decommissioned as of December 31, 2019. The University’s OneDrive service is encouraged as a means to store documents previously located on umDrive. OneDrive provides a solution for sharing documents with internal and external (non-UofM) colleagues while working on research, class projects or administrative collaboration. In OneDrive, everyone has 5TB (terabytes) of available storage space. Syncing your files to your OneDrive provides a secure and safe backup that can be accessed online.

OneDrive is a comprehensive online service; however, additional services may be a better fit for your storage needs. Below is a chart detailing additional services that are available and the corresponding solutions they are typically used for. For instance, eCourseware is encouraged for syllabus use. If you need assistance with setting your syllabus up in eCourseware, place a service request and a member of the CTL (Center for Teaching and Learning) will contact you. The umwiki offers collaboration abilities and umBlog offers personalized individual websites.

Our OneDrive page contains full documentation on OneDrive. To access OneDrive, visit the University of Memphis Office 365 Webmail site (authenticate using your UUID and password). Look for the App Launcher (9 tiles in a square) at the upper left of the screen (near "Office 365" logo). Select OneDrive and let the collaboration begin!

Once again if you have any questions, feel free to submit a ticket at umhelpdesk.memphis.edu or contact the Service Desk at 901.678.8888. Local Support Providers are available to help faculty and staff directly with any migration questions or needs.


Storage Solutions 

umDrive Functions 



OU Campus


Faculty CV



Individual Storage


Group Storage (g-drives)

   X  X        X

Web Pages

     X  X  X    X

Homework Dropbox

       X    X  


OneDrive and umBlogs Training can be found on Learning Curve.