Instead of Raising Your Hand, Just Click

Clickers are the common term for Student Response System (SRS), a technology used to promote active learning in classrooms. Turning Technologies is the University wide standard clicker solution for the UofM.

In educational settings, clickers can be used to encourage student participation in what has been, traditionally passive, lecture-style classrooms. It allows the class to vote on topics, take surveys, ask or answer questions, and respond to attendance.

The responses are tabulated and instructors can view and save. If they wish, instructors may display results anonymously for the entire class to see.

Where Do I Begin? – Student

REEF Polling by iClicker lets you use your laptop, smart phone, or tablet to answer questions in class. Afterward, you can review the material covered in class.

  1. View the REEF Polling Student Quick Start Guide.
  2. Extend your REEF Polling subscription. (Students start with a free 14-day trial)


Next Steps — REEF Student Resources



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