External Application Integrations in eCourseware

In many cases it is possible to integrate these tools into eCourseware to give students and faculty a more seamless experience. by sharing data including credentials, content links, rosters, and grades. To begin a request for a new integration, there are two forms: Faculty Integration Form and Vendor Integration Form. All new tool providers must undergo a review and approval from multiple stakeholders (both academic and administrative). See below for examples of the stakeholders that could be involved in the review process and the information or advisement they may offer regarding the new tool.

NOTE: Reviews can take up to 3 months to complete, please allow sufficient time before the tool is needed in your course.

a  flow chart of integration process

*Examples of Stakeholders Involved in the Review Process

  1. Academic Review: Performed by offices like Financial Aid or Registrar if accessing or transferring any student data.
  2. Accessibility Review: Request advisement and recommendation from DRS (Disability Resources for Students) based on anticipated accommodations.
  3. Legal Review: Performed by Office of Legal Counsel to review agreements or contractual language.
  4. Procurement Review: See advisement on compliance with purchasing and contracting services.
  5. Security Review: Performed by (ITS) Information Technology Services to review vendor’s infrastructure and security measures.
  6. ITS Governance: Reviewed by ITS Governance as needed.


Integrations Available in eCourseware

Integration Tool

Funding Source


Level of Integration


Caduceus Student Paid Available Class Used in Medical Terminology CLAS Courses
Cengage Student Paid Available Campus-wide  
Ensemble Video Campus Funded Available Campus-wide  
Go React Student Paid In-progress N/A  
Great River Learning Student Paid Available Class  
Hypothesis  N/A Available Class  
Labster Student Paid Available Class  
Linkedin Learning Campus Funded Available Campus-wide  
Lumen - Waymaker Student Paid Available Class  
Macmillan Student Paid Available Campus-wide  
McGraw Hill Campus (SIMnet) Student Paid Available Campus-wide  
McGraw-Hill Connect Student Paid Available Campus-wide  
Oxford - OUP Student Paid Available Class (w/ Cartridge)  
Pearson's MyLab / Mastering Student Paid Available Campus-wide  
Pearson Revel Student Paid N/A N/A Product did not meet expectation.
Proctor U UofM Global only Available Department/Class  
Soomo Webtext Student Paid Available Class  
Pringshare Library Purchase Available Class  
VidGrid N/A N/A N/A  Product did not meet expectation.
Vistas Higher Learning Publisher N/A In-progress N/A  
W.W. Norton Student Paid Available Class  
XanEdu Student Paid N/A N/A  Product did not meet expectation.