Faculty and Student eCourseware Training Videos


eCourseware Faculty Videos

Faculty eCourseware Training Videos

eCourseware Navigation and Accessing Course

View our videos on accessing your course in eCourseware.

News Items Training Videos

View our videos on the news items tool.

The News items tool helps you to communicate upcoming course assignments or changes to your students. Located under the course home page, this is the first page a student will see when they access your course. It's a good area to post important information to your students.

Content Training Videos

View our videos on the content tool.

Use the Content tool to post and organize course content. The Content tool clearly displays information about course expectations, course syllabus, lecture notes, and important dates.

Dropbox Training Videos

View our videos on the dropbox tool.

The Dropbox tool allows you to see users' submission times and download dropbox folders to your computer. You can also view submissions with the document viewer on the Evaluate Submission page and associate dropbox folders to rubrics. Finally, you can return submissions to students with grades and feedback.

Grades Training Videos

View our videos on the grades tool.

As an instructor or course designer, you can set up your grade book to best reflect your approach to evaluation. This can include the grading system and grade scheme that is most appropriate for your course.

Quizzes Training Videos

View our videos on the quizzes tool.

The Quizzes tool enables you to create and manage points-measured assessments. As part of your quantifiable assessment procedures, you can use quizzes to help evaluate users' learning progress and learning outcomes.

Discussions Training Videos

view our views on the discussion tool.

The Discussions tool is a collaboration area to post, read and reply to threads on different topics. Instructors and students can share thoughts about course materials, ask questions, share files, or work on assignments and homework

Virtual Classroom Training Videos

View our videos on the virtual classroom tool.

What is Virtual Classroom? Virtual Classroom allows you to virtually collaborate in a user-friendly setting. Instructors can schedule a synchronous meeting with individual students or multiple students in your course.

Class Progress Training Videos

View our videos on the class progress tool.

eCourseware Student Videos

View our training videos on eCourseware for Students.