BlueJeans - Video Conferencing

BlueJeans Licenses Update - 03/17/2020

We no longer have any active licenses for BlueJeans, please use Zoom. For more information about Zoom, visit our Zoom Page.

BlueJeans is a cloud-based video conference service. It allows users to conduct live, multi-person conferences from any video-enabled device with internet access.

Features of BlueJeans

  • HIPPA compliance - Offices requiring HIPPA compliance will have priority for BlueJeans licenses.
  • 500 licenses available to full-time staff and faculty members
  • Join any meeting via a web browser, mobile device, or desktop app
  • Share documents, videos, or your entire screen
  • Meet with up to 100 participants
  • Unlimited recording of meetings (stored in cloud)

Getting Started

University of Memphis BlueJeans website

Video Tutorials

Connecting to a Meeting

Additional Information

Note: Recording of Lectures