umMeet (Adobe Connect)

The University of Memphis offers a web-based communication tool called Adobe Connect, locally branded as UMmeet. Users can meet, share, and collaborate virtually from a desktop/mobile device using only a webcam, microphone, and web browser. Specifically, we license the Connect Meeting service. This allows classes/groups to meet synchronously online at the same time or in sub-groups, with up to 100 participants.

Who can use UMmeet?

Various divisions on campus have purchased limited pools of licenses through the Center for Teaching and Learning. These licenses are distributed throughout the University, including for academic and administrative use. Want to try the product before purchasing a license? Adobe offers a 30-day free trial to see if Adobe Connect is right for you.


Where Do I Begin?

How to Obtain a UMmeet License?

There is a charge of approximately $150 per year for each non-teaching license. Faculty may request a license for non-teaching purposes; however, the charge must be approved by their Department Chair or Dean.


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