umBlog, also known as, provides space for users to share experiences, reflect on activities, and publish students creative works. This can be done through written posts, pictures, videos, links, and comments. It belongs to you and you have the power to make it whatever you choose.

The umBlog service is subject to the Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources policy. This is the same with various other technology resources available at the University of Memphis. (See the link to the policy.)

Let's Get Started

To access umBlog, log in using your University of Memphis UUID (the beginning of your email address) and password. After you log in, you will be at your dashboard page.

Select your blog (i.e. and start editing your blog. Happy blogging!

Post vs Pages

Blogs are composed of two main structures: posts and pages and there is a difference between them.

View this tutorial to learn more about the difference between posts and pages.


It's time to publish and edit your first posts. View the following tutorials to learn more:


For information about publishing and editing pages, view the following tutorials:

Once you've gotten familiar with umBlog, you'll be able to progress with more advanced features with your blog. Information about these can be found in the User Guide.

Top Topics

  • Users and Profiles
  • Appearance and Themes
  • Files and Images
  • Embed Media
  • Mobile Blogging


Additional Information

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