Graduate Certificate in Community College Teaching and Leadership

The Community College Teaching and Leadership certificate is designed for individuals interested in either a teaching or an administrative position at a community college. Consisting of 18 hours of coursework, this program can be applied to or taken simult aneously with a Master of Science degree in Leadership or a Doctor of Education in Higher and Adult Education, or a related field. Students not pursuing a degree should apply for admission to the Graduate School as certificate seeking. Certificate students must also apply to the department f or acceptance into this program . For students who have earned a graduate degree or who have taken graduate courses, a minimum cumulative graduate grade point average of 3.0 is required for acceptance in to the certificate program .

Potential careers are available as teachers or administrators in community college settings. Administrative positions may include: student services, academic affairs, business affairs, admissions, registrar, advising, etc. Teaching positions will depend upon the discipline in which you are qualified to teach (English, Math, Nursing, etc).