Master of Science in Educational Research

Students in the online master’s program of Educational Research complete a core set of introductory classes that provide a foundation in both quantitative and qualitative design. Students then choose between additional coursework on (a) quantitative approaches with advanced training in statistical methods, research design, and empirical measurement or (b) qualitative approaches that focus on the use of contemporary theories, strategies, research design, data collection and analysis. Depending on each student’s unique needs, a student can be enrolled full-time (9 credits or more per semester) or part-time. Upon completion, a student will have successfully completed 30 graduate credits (10 courses) in both quantitative and qualitative research courses. With a strong emphasis on research and its application across various fields and disciplines, our program not only prepares M.S. degree students for entering the Ph.D. program, but also makes them competitive to work as senior researchers in institutions of higher education, research hospitals, and public school districts.