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Alternative Degree Pathways

For those new or returning to the University of Memphis after an extended period exploring an alternative degree program may reduce cost and accelerate time-to-degree. Read more below and be sure to talk with your advisor about how you might qualify for each of these cost and time-saving opportunities.

Finish Line Program

The UofM Finish Line Program targets students who previously attended the University of Memphis and have completed 90 or more credit hours but have regrettably had to abandon their dreams of completing a college degree. Many have demonstrated the ability to be successful in college and are within a single academic year of successful graduation (i.e. 30 hours). Yet the primary reason for withdrawal at 90+ hours is exhausted financial aid and related external situations, such as needing to work full-time to support a family.

To hear more about the Finish Line, view the Finish Line video or visit the Finish Line website.

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Prior Learning Assessment

The University of Memphis recognizes that learning occurs in many places. Therefore, we allow students to earn credit for prior learning by demonstrating college-level knowledge they have gained outside the classroom using a variety of methods known as Prior Learning Assessment (PLA). Hundreds of students each year are awarded Experiential Learning Credit for college-level learning acquired outside the classroom.

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