learning support

Learning Support

Learning support services and resources available to you include a Smartstart learning readiness assessment, success strategies for online students, opportunities to get connected with your class and instructor, and 24/7 online tutoring. Each of these resources provide you an opportunity to remain a successful student and reach your academic goals in a fully online environment. See more information below to learn more about learning support and resources available to you as a UofM Global student.

Smartstart Readiness Assessment

Smart Start is a three tiered initiative and readiness assessment designed to address the needs of adult learners returning to school. It is our aspiration to inform students who have been pre-admitted, currently enrolled to the University of Memphis about their academic preparedness to return to college and provide them with resources and assistance to address their possible deficiencies prior to enrollment into an online course or program.

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Success Strategies for Online Students

Online learning is a great opportunity that provides a great deal of flexibility and convenience in earning your degree. Learn more about strategies that can help you to be successful as a fully online student.

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Get Connected as an Online Student

As a UofM Global student, you are provided opportunities to engage online with other students and interact with your instructor in a fully online environment. Get connected with your instructor and other students through our learning environment, eCourseware, and other Web 2.0 tools available to you.

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Find an Online Tutor

The University of Memphis offers online tutoring options to students who are enrolled in fully online degree programs.  Options include Live 24/7 online tutoring through Smarthinking and question/paper submissions through Tutoring@ESP.

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