Veteran Students @ UofM

Adult and Veteran Students

The University of Memphis offers a wide variety of services for adult and veteran students. Please click on the appropriate link below to navigate through these services.

For more information contact:

Adult and Commuter Student Services
499 University Street
243 University Center
The University of Memphis
Phone: 901.678.2644
Fax: 901.678.4894

Veterans Resource Center
499 University Street
222 University Center
The University of Memphis
Phone: 901.678.4269
Fax: 901.678.4207

The University of Memphis Veteran Resource Center (VRC) assists veterans, service members and their families with the transition from a military environment into a positive academic community in pursuit of professional and personal development by connecting students to expert support services and tools to enhance academic and professional success.

Below are few resources which could be helpful to online Veteran students:

For more information please visit the VRC website.