Summer Bridge Students

Program Overview

Academic Year Support
Appropriate academic support is vital to student success. Upward Bound provides our participants with full academic year support, to ensure each student is meeting necessary academic requirements to persist towards high school graduation. Success Coaches meet with students weekly at their high school to provide many different services.  Learn more about Academic Year Support!

TRIO Upward Bound is a federally funded program that helps qualified high school students develop the skills and motivation needed to successfully complete high school, and advance to and complete a college education. The Upward Bound Program includes Academic Year support as well as a Summer Academy. University of Memphis Upward Bound serves Kirby High School, Sheffield High School, and Melrose High School.

Summer Academy
Upward Bound Summer Academy is a six-week summer experience held at the University of Memphis main campus. Students get a taste of the college experience by taking college-style classes, living in residences halls, participating in service projects, and so much more. Students must be current participants or rising 9th grades, registered at our target schools, to participate.  Learn more about Summer Academy!

Will UB My Mentor?
The "Will UB My Mentor?" program will enhance and expand services to TRIO Upward Bound students. It is important for high school students to have a role model who has experience with postsecondary education. The purpose of this mentoring program is to connect Upward Bound students with college students who are just like them.  Learn more about Will UB My Mentor?

TRIO Upward Bound SAB
The TRiO Student Advisory Board is an extension of the TRiO Upward Bound (UB) Pre-College Academic Program. It is a student-led program that serves to aid in the enhancement of the leadership and communication skills of all its participants. In a style similar to that of student council, club members will establish and maintain a tier of leadership that will allow for true participation, delegation, for the voice of the student body to be heard concerning activities and needed tools/information. Each participant in the Upward Bound SAB will be selected from the overall caseload of UB, approximately 60 students, for any of the available roles during the annual election period. The offices available are President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, which is comprised of an elected official from each grade level. Learn more about TRIO Upward Bound SAB!