AR Invoicing

Departments who require an invoice to be sent to an organization/company should submit a Request for Invoice form https://www.memphis.edu/usbs/pdf/requestforinvoice.pdf

Please complete the form with the required information

  • Customer U# (if known)
  • Customer Name (Company/Organization/Individual)
  • Customer Contact person and email address
  • Customer Purchase order (If available)
  • Full Description of service/product provided (date of service/event, # of attendees, etc)
  • A copy of the agreement that states UofM's authority to bill the individual/organization/company
  • For travel reimbursement, a copy of the approved travel claim processed by Accounting is required along with all receipts.
  • Requestor Name, Department, Date and telephone #
  • FOAP that should be credited
  • Approver must sign and date (Approver should be person listed as authorized signature for the Organization code per the Finance Program Guide)