Fee Waivers for Persons Who Are Totally and Permanently Disabled and Incapable of Work

To qualify for the "tuition reduction" in this program, participants must annually complete an application available at Disability Resources for Students https://www.memphis.edu/drs/ (WT 110) and must not be sponsored by a Vocational Rehabilitation program.

Totally and Permanently Disabled – Audit Only

Tennessee residents who are totally and permanently disabled, and who are incapacitated from working at an income producing occupation may AUDIT courses without paying tuition charges. These charges may include the following: maintenance fees, program services fees, and special course fees for Business, Fine Art, Engineering, Law or Nursing Programs. Students enrolled in 12 or more hours will be responsible for the mandatory Tiger Eat$.

Totally and Permanently Disabled – Credit Course(s)

Tennessee residents who are totally and permanently disabled and incapacitated from working at an income producing occupation may enroll in courses for CREDIT at the cost of one-half the normal per credit hour fee, not to exceed $70 per semester. These charges include maintenance fees and program services fees. Fees not included in this fee waiver include, but are not limited to, Fine Art course fees, Business Course fees, Engineering course fees, UM online program fees, TN eCampus (formerly RODP) online program fees, Tiger Eat$, and materials fees for courses which require an additional fee.

AFTER COURSE SELECTION, participants must submit the TPD request form to the USBS office for applicable tuition assistance prior to the appropriate fee payment deadline to avoid deletion of classes.  (Please include the Student ID# in all communication.)

Submit forms electronically to the University & Student Business Services Office  using the following link:

Tuition Assistance & Discount Form Submission

Students who adjust their class schedule after the fee waiver has been applied to their account, must re-submit the form to the University & Student Business Service Office to avoid possible deletion of classes and $100 late payment fee.