Installment Payment Plan

*Please note: The Installment Payment Plan will not be available until Wednesday, January 2, 2019*

The Installment Payment Plan (IPP) is offered for the fall and spring terms to qualified students to help satisfy payment requirements by the appropriate fee payment deadline. Registration is subject to deletion and/or a $100 late payment fee, if fee payment requirements for enrollment fees are not satisfied by the appropriate fee payment deadline listed in the Bursar Calendar.

  • The IPP is reserved for students in good financial standing with the University.
  • The IPP is available for Fall and Spring terms only.
  • Regulations by the University of Memphis Board of Trustees prevent the University from offering an IPP for summer terms, or other short terms.
  • An initial down payment of 25% of the balance is required after all financial aid (grants and student loans), scholarship, and/or third party assistance award amounts have been applied. Housing, Dining Dollars, and a $50 enrollment fee will automatically be included in IPP.
  • The enrollment fee is not refundable, regardless of when your financial aid or other payments are applied to your account.
  • Students must first register for classes before enrolling in the IPP.
  • Enrollment in the IPP is not automatic - students must enroll online through TigerXpress.

         Follow these steps to sign up for the IPP:

    • Log in to the myMemphis Portal with your username and password.
    • Click on the Account$ tab.
    • Click on Sign up for Installment Payment Plan in the Bursar – Fees, Payments, Disbursements & Refunds channel.
    • This will take you into the TigerXpress system.
    • Go to Payment Plans and click the Enroll Now button.
    • Follow all instructions and prompts.
  • Students may pay the full installment amount due (per term) online. Students who wish to make a partial payment above the minimum down payment must pay in person at the Bursar's Office cashier windows.
  • IPP enrollment is available through the late registration fee payment deadline at the beginning of the Fall and Spring terms. Please refer to the Bursar's Office Calendar for specific dates.
  • The remaining fee balance is due in three separate installments: October 1, November 1, and December 1 for the Fall semester; March 1, April 1 and May 1 for the Spring semester.
  • Students remain responsible for the installment payments by the appropriate deadline, even if they do not receive or do not open their online fee invoice on TigerXpress.
  • A $25 Late Payment Fee will be assessed on each installment that is not received by the University on or before the due date. If all installment payments are late, the maximum amount for late IPP fees per semester is $75.
  • Before enrolling in the IPP, students will be required to read and accept terms of the plan on TigerXpress.
  • Students who drop or withdraw from classes will still have a balance due under the IPP. Fees are adjusted based on the drop or withdrawal date. A refund would only be issued to the student if the newly adjusted amount of fees is less than the amount that has been paid by the student.
  • Students who are current on their IPP and do not owe any other debts to the University will be allowed to register for the upcoming term. If the final IPP installment for the current term is not paid on or before the due date and the student is registered for an upcoming term, the student's courses for the upcoming term will be subject to deletion.
  • Unpaid past due installment amounts will cause holds to be placed on registration for any upcoming term, viewing/receiving grades for current or future terms, or receiving transcripts/diplomas.
  • The IPP is not available for students who were deleted for non-payment and have subsequently been approved for reinstatement or who are registered late by exception.
  • The University reserves the right to deny students the privilege of using the IPP.

If you have any questions regarding the Installment Payment Plan, please contact the Bursar's Office at 901.678.2712.