University Service Fee

The University Services fee is a single, comprehensive fee that helps fund a number of university services which provide support for the students' academic experiences and access to activities and services.  The University Service fee provides funding for academic technology initiatives and various student services, and is assessed on the basis of a student's matriculation level (undergraduate/graduate/law/special programs) and the number of hours enrolled. All students are encouraged to utilize the benefits provided, that include access to campus technology (internet, computer labs), parking, athletic events, recreation facilities, etc.

For each semester, students that are enrolled will be assessed the University Service fee with a cap on the fee based on the academic enrollment level.  The Undergraduate level is capped at 12 credit hours; Graduate level is capped at 10 credit hours; Law level is capped at 11 credit hours; and special programs are assessed based on the enrollment and/or participation.  The University Service Fee or any portion of the University Service Fee is ineligible to be waived.