UofM, UT, or Public State of TN Colleges and Universities Employee Fee Waiver Rules & Procedures

Employees of the University of Memphis, Public State of TN Colleges and Universities or the University of Tennessee system may be eligible to enroll for one credit course, undergraduate or graduate per term, for a maximum of four credit hours per course and a maximum of four terms per academic year. These employees may use one waiver in each of the Fall and Spring terms and up to two waivers in the summer, in separate parts of the summer term. The waiver applies to tuition, university services fees, online course fees and TN eCampus (formerly RODP) fees. The student remains responsible for payment of all other fees, and the submission of the certified fee waiver form by the appropriate fee payment deadline each semester to avoid deletion of classes. The employment certification on the form should not be any earlier than July 1 for Fall, December 1 for Spring and April 15 for Summer.

Enrollment under this program is on a space-available basis only. Therefore, participants may not register before the specific deadline for each semester. See the University & Student Business Services Office Calendar for dates. Participants who register during a Late Registration period WILL BE ASSESSED a Late Registration Fee of $100 not covered by the fee waiver program.

After course selection, participants must complete the enrollment fee satisfaction process by submitting approved fee waiver forms.

University of Memphis employees should refer to the UofM Human Resources department for specific information.  Educational benefits are requested online in the employee's MyMemphis portal within the Educational Benefits Program portlet.

All UT Systems or other Public State of TN Colleges and Universities should contact your Human Resources Department.

* Non U of M Discount forms must be submitted using the following link:

Tuition Assistance & Discount Form Submission

* NOTE: Forms must be received by the University & Student Business Services Office by the appropriate fee payment deadline.