Verge Jazz Ensemble

Feature CD Review: Verge Jazz Ensemble's "Night Mode"

For Release: July 8, 2019
Review by Malvin Massey, Jr., 7/8/2019

VJEThis Feature CD Review is the newest by the Verve Jazz Ensemble, and the title is Night Mode.

VJE is well known for innovation with instrumentation. Their last album, Connect The Dots, was a collection of different sets of musicians in various settings on different tunes.

This CD is a continuation of that idea.

There are some trio sets, sextets, septets, and quintets. Instruments include trombone, flute, tenor, trumpet and the regular guys, Josh Feldstein on drums, Elias Bailey on bass, and Steve Einerson on piano. These are some of the most talented and skillful players and arrangers in jazz today.

The tracks on the album are many and varied and loaded with purposeful ad libs and improvisation that never get boring. Except for the title tune, listeners will recognize tracks from some of the greatest jazz composers/players ever recorded.

These fresh arrangements do more than just pay homage to those innovators of rhythm, they make their own direction and create a new excitement from the classics. If you are a jazz lover, you will love hearing this Feature CD.