Full-time Instructors

Manohar Aggarwal, Ph.D., Instructor
Email: maggarwl@memphis.edu
Office: Dunn Hall 386
Phone: 901.678.3756
Research Interests: Design and analysis of experiments

Alpha Ba, Instructor
Email: alphaba@memphis.edu
Office: Dunn Hall 374
Phone: 901.678.1757

Stacey Bacopulos, Instructor
Email: dbacopls@memphis.edu
Office: Dunn Hall 354
Phone: 901.678.1317

Tsz Ho Chan, Ph.D., Instructor
Email: tchan@memphis.edu
Office: Dunn Hall 352
Phone: 901.678.2760
Research Interests: Analytic number theory

Nataliya Doroshenko, Instructor
Email: ndorshnk@memphis.edu
Office: Dunn Hall 360

David Dwiggins, Ph.D., Instructor/Coordinator
Email: ddwiggns@memphis.edu
Office: Dunn Hall 368
Phone: 901.678.4174
Research Interests: Differential and Integral Equations, Topology and Functional Analysis

Misty Freeman, Instructor
Email: mtfreemn@memphis.edu
Office: Dunn Hall 380
Phone: 901.678.3089

Angela Grant, Ph.D., Instructor
Email: aggrant@memphis.edu
Office: Dunn Hall 382
Phone: 901.678.3071

Scotty Houston, Instructor
Email: sghoustn@memphis.edu
Office: Dunn Hall 356

Joshua Ọládélé, Instructor
Email: joladele@memphis.edu
Office: Dunn Hall 370
Phone: 901.678.1372

Janet Pitts, Instructor (Retired)

Ilham Tayahi, Instructor/Coordinator
Email: itayahi@memphis.edu
Office: Dunn Hall 349
Phone: 901.678.3487

Part-time Instructors

Ranajit Chakraborty, Part Time Instructor
Email: rchkrbrt@memphis.edu

Richard Foster, Part Time Instructor
Email: rcfoster@memphis.edu

Joseph Grovogui, Part Time Instructor
Email: jgrvogui@memphis.edu

Timothy Jones, Part Time Instructor
Email: tjjones1@memphis.edu

Iosif Kelman, Part Time Instructor
Email: jkelman@memphis.edu

Larry Moore, Part Time Instructor
Email: lmoore3@memphis.edu

Victoria Roberts, Part Time Instructor
Email: vlrobrts@memphis.edu

Matthew Teal, Part Time Instructor
Email: mteal@memphis.edu