Office of Executive, VP, COO & CFO Email Template

Outlook Template Instructions

Copy the HTML template to your clipboard by pressing the "Copy to Clipboard" button below the template.

  1. To create a new a new template in the Microsoft Outlook app, compose a new message by pressing the "New Message" button in the top left corner.
  2. Delete all signature or default email texts populated in your email body such that it is completely empty. (Use control+a or command+a) to select everything in your message, then delete it.)
  3. In the new message ribbon (above the from, to, subject fields), click the horizontal three dots, then "My Templates".
  4. A new side bar will appear on the right side of your Outlook window.
  5. Press the "+ Template" button in the side bar and two Title and Body fields will appear. Name your template accordingly and paste (control+v or command+v) the template you copied into the bottom field then SAVE.

To compose an email with this template, simply repeat step 2 and 3, then click the template and your email will be populater with the template.