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Branding is about one voice/one face, so to create varying identities is counter to our objectives and confusing for the public. Specific colleges, schools, departments, centers, offices and other similar entities should not print their individual "logos" in lieu of, or in addition to, the University logo, on any published material. Previously developed logos may only be used by the colleges on banners at commencement.

Rather, each group is represented with placement of their name in a specified body of type beneath the logo as shown at left. The department name should be typeset in Formata Regular, flush left with standard kerning, at 35% of point size of the letter "M", positioned below the word "MEMPHIS" at minimum clear space.

Departmental names should not appear smaller than 7 point (i.e., the wordmark in a departmental logo should not measure less than 1.375" wide), nor extend beyond the line length of the word "MEMPHIS". The name of the department should be set in the same color as 'The University Of' in the wordmark.

If a departmental name is longer than a single line space allows, a line break should occur in the name, with leading set to 105% of the type size. If a departmental name is shorter than a full, single line, kerning may not be adjusted to fill that line space.

To receive digital copies of your departmental identity, call 678-2843 and ask for your area's Marketing Manager.

Note - the images below are not to be saved or reproduced. They are shown here for informational purposes only. Please visit the official logo download page for copies of the U of M wordmark.

Departmental clearance example

Dept. example 1

Dept. example 2

Dept. example 3
Note: When breaking a department or school name into two or more lines, be sure to avoid awkward phraseology.
Bad phraseology Good phraseology

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