Brand Standards
University of Memphis Photo
Prohibited Reproduction
No box Never surround any signature with a shape, such as a box or outline

No distortion

No Stretch

No Smoosh

Never distort or alter any element of any signature

Note - this is commonly done when using the logo in programs like Microsoft Word. If resizing is necessary, please make sure you size from the corners to ensure proper dimensions.

No funky backgrounds Never reproduce any signature on textures or backgrounds that may impair legibility
No other symbols

Never alter any signature, or combine individual elements of signatures

No isolated symbolsNo isolated symbols Never isolate any character of the brand

Never alter the relationship of the words in the logo
No horizontal

The new brand standards have rendered old logos and marks obsolete. Never use the following marks, unless you are currently using up existing supplies of stationery (letterhead, business cards, envelopes).
old wordmark
Prohibited use applies to variations of this mark
old shield old seal

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Public Relations and Marketing
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Memphis, TN 38152
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